U.M.A.               Urban Modeling Agency


Has a officier im willing to be there for the group and do what needs to be done. Help the boss with whatever she may need! Im there for her 100%. I'm loving U.M.A and we gonna make it big. Just give us some time and watch. wooo! hit me up anyday on imvu! MWAH!

Name: Temptingmamii

Age:18 years younge

Location: Chicago

On all day everyday unless im busy!!


As a officer i am willing to do each and every thing i
can do for each and every member of UMA !
Everyone can reach me any time during the week..
im also on .. my space .. yahoo..hot mail..etc

If anyone need to talk to me please don't hesitate!

A Little Info About Me                                                                                             
Name:: TheRealCeleste BKA Celeste                                                                               
Location:: Virginia BKA VA                                                                                     
When Im on Imvu:: 24/7 (Unless there is a                                                                        
 Age:: Yung And Ready For Any Thing Commin                                                                          My Way!                                                                                                 
::>If you would like to know any thing else about me                                                               
leave me a message or post a bullion<::                                                              




As an officer, Im willing to be there for anyone in the group that needs help.One day I plan to either be as great at being officer as Mamii and Celeste.Or to be as great an owner as Bk.Anytime, anywhere, hit me up!

About the "Bunny"
Chi-Town(Chicago for all u youngins)
More about me:Just hit me up, you know how 2 reach meh!